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Lost Cause celebrates over 20 years of preserving history through music with our unique interpretations of antebellum and War Between the States songs, performed on proper stringed instruments in Confederate costume.  Our repertoire includes over 100 authentic Southern arrangements promoting heritage, not hate.  We perform routinely for re-enactments, SCV, UDC, school, tourism and National Park Service functions, reflecting honor on The South and the Southern people.  By digging into the Southern roots of what became blues, country, folk, bluegrass, Southern gospel, rockabilly and rock and roll music, we revel in preserving this unique period of American history for future generations to enjoy.



“The main thing that makes Lost Cause better than almost every other band who plays music from the Civil War era is that these guys actually sound like they're having a good time with these old songs. The whole band seems to be in step with the soul of the time. Lost Cause resurrects the rowdy, laughing-in-death's-face spirit of the men who fought for the losing side in America's great trauma 150 years ago. I believe this band has succeeded in capturing the spirit of those bloody times better than any other "period" band I've ever heard. Lost Cause's debut album gets five stars out of five and two thumbs up - for making the rebel yell echo all the way into our time.”


— Bobby J. Smith, The Daily Corinthian  



This is the second CD that Keith and I have released. Keith Letson is my friend and partner for over 20 years in what is now Lost Cause LLC. Keith plays a mean bass and can also be heard on our first CD. He sang lead vocal on our a cappella version of Jolly Grog on this CD and also sang some background vocals.


Keith, Ernie and I took a little different approach to this project. Keith and I were more involved in the arrangement and production of the project than we were on our debut CD. Keith and I told Ernie that we wanted to do a “stripped” project that reflected the music that one would have heard around a small Confederate camp fire. We decided to keep the instruments included on the tracks to a minimum so we could really showcase the talent that we talked into being involved in the project. We told Ernie that we wanted something that sounded kinda like Rick Rubin’s American Recordings of Johnny Cash.


There are some awesome musicians that contributed to making this CD possible. Not only do we have the members of Lost Cause that appeared on the first CD like Robin Harmon, David Stevens, Mac McIntire, Kenneth Williams and Ernie Welch, but we also have some players and singers that include Jimbo Mathus, Chapman Welch and Beverly and London Harris. You’ll hear some stuff, the likes of which you’ve never heard before! As you know, Keith and I only do songs that one would hear around a Confederate camp fire during the War Between the States. Our interpretations reflect all of the influences that evolved into music like Blues, Gospel, Country, Bluegrass, Rock and Roll to name a few. A couple of our songs even sound a little like Reggae.


Jimbo contributed his eclectic take on Mississippi hill country music to the project. Jimbo has been a professional musician since he could walk and has several Grammys and Gold/Platinum albums stored securely in plastic tubs in his storage building. He's been the front man with the Squirrel Nut Zippers and has recorded and played with some of the best before finally reaching the big time and playing with Lost Cause. Seriously, Jimbo was gracious enough to put down tracks on about half the songs on this project. Jimbo played gut string, fretless banjo, harmonica, mandolin and a banjar (African predecessors to the banjo). He also sang some background and lead vocals. Check out Jimbo's music and try to catch him live if you can. Thanks again, Cuz!


Chapman Welch played some fantastic guitar that I hope people will think is me when they hear it. Chapman is a multi-talented musician and I still can't believe that we were able to get him to make some truly awesome contributions to this CD.


Beverly Mcgee Harris is a good friend and an excellent is her daughter, London. We met Beverly while playing for a musical On Shiloh Hill, in which she had a lead role. She sings like an angel and when you put her and London together on a song it is truly unbelievable. They put down some vocals that sound like Aretha Franklin.


We were able to talk Kenneth Williams into playing harmonica again. Kenneth and his brother Sandy Williams, have been selling Coke (the kind you drink) and running Refreshments, Inc. in Corinth, MS, USA for over 50 years. Kenneth's people go back over a hundred years in Corinth. Kenneth is a true renaissance man who has been one of the bedrocks of Corinth's economic and cultural landscape all his life. He's run over 70 marathons all over the world and is one of the best blues harp players I've ever heard.


Ernie Welch recorded and produced the project at his Seven Mile Creek studio, sang background and some lead and played banjo. He has been playing banjo with Lost Cause for years (he even bought the clothes!). Ernie also plays with the Smokehouse Band and several others. He also recorded, produced, played and sang on Lost Cause' first CD.


We were able to capture Robin Harmon again this time with his mandolin on most all of the tracks. Robin's played with us for years, as well as with the Smoke House Band and numerous others. His mandolin work on this project will bring tears to your eyes.


Victor McIntire is one of the best fiddle players that ever rosined the bow! He's played with most every bluegrass or country band in the north Mississppi area and can be heard regularly with the Smokehouse Band. He also contibuted the awesome fiddle on the band's first project. We were very fortunate to get Mac to do some incredible fiddle work again.


This is a project that is totally unique to this market and is not your grandfather’s recording of this genre of music. We hope you love it!



--Mike Byrd




We Are Available For



• Memorials
• Balls and Concerts
• Living history interpretive programs
• Receptions and meetings
• Camp music
• Customized programs   (Kids, Scots-Irish, Southern gospel, Christmas, etc.)
• Most any 1860's-period occasion or celebration




Performance prices are based on travel distance, duration of show(s) and equipment provided for events.  Quotes and scheduling possibilities can be provided by contacting us.


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